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It has fast become the standard thing to do after taking A’Levels or to do during a career break. Taking a year off and travelling around the world is one of the most exciting things you can do.

Picking up a back-pack and heading to the airport with just the next flight booked, will install the hedonistic mix of excitement and trepidation which gives all travelers the buzz which they long for.

Landing in a foreign country with literally just the shirt of your shoulders, the bag on your back and the whit in your head. Not speaking the native language is just one more boost to the adrenaline rush you would feel.

There are guides which will let you safely explore cities and countries along the lesser taken roads, but even these are constantly tracked out by travellers with the same guide book. Why would you want to go where everyone else has been? The key to finding a deserted beach or being the only gringo in town is to avoid the travel guides and all the printed text. Word of mouth from the locals will invariably drive you away from the constant stream of backpackers and bring you into the experience you were seeking.

Youth hostels are constantly full with people travelling around both the local area and the world. They will be able to tell you about this secluded walk up the side of a mountain or the guy to hire motorbikes from in the next town. He is good because he wont rip you off and he gives you back your passport.

Travelling around is all about finding new experiences and finding new adventures in places that you might not even have heard of. Why would you want to spend yet another night down the Dog and Duck at the end of the road, when you could be sipping your drink out of a freshly coconut on the beach side bar.

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Prague is in the Czech Republic, which is located in the centre of Europe. The Czech Republic is a member of the European Union, and the facilities for tourists in the city of Prague are more or less to the same standard as those found in most European capital cities. Outside of the cities in Eastern Europe may be less developed and so research should be done.

Eastern EuropeAs with all trips abroad, travel insurance is highly recommended, and often compulsory, however life insurance is more a matter of personal choice. Prague itself isn’t known to have a high crime rate, however thieving does take place in the form of pick-pocketing mostly. It is recommended to carry your valuables securely at all times, and take extra care when sitting in cafes or bars and taking your eyes off your bag or coat. A valid passport is required for travelling to Eastern Europe, and this should be kept in a safe place at all times, but be on hand to show if required by the authorities.

The area is largley free of terrorist attacks, however street demonstrations do happen in Prague, and aren’t always of a peaceful nature and so it may be important to keep up to date with occurances via the neccessary news sites. It is generally recommended to avoid these types of street protest demonstrations as they can turn violent on occassions. While the city of prague itself is reguarded as generally safe, the surrounding areas may be less so.

One can make their own conclusions on whether life insurance is something they require when travelling to Prague and the surrounding areas in Eastern Europe. Often existing life insurance policies do infact cover trips abroad, but it is also best to check what your policy covers you for before embarking on your trip.

A great website that we found if you need to compare life insurance is Moneynet.co.uk. That means you can compare policies to your current one or even just apply for a new one to make sure you are covered if you go abroad, whether it’s to Prague or any other destination.

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22 Sep

Prague is a place that has so many tourist attractions that will be of interest to people with a wide range of tastes. From this long list of attractions, there are some that stick out and stand at the top. If you do not have a lot of time to see everything there is to see, you should at least make time for these main attractions in Prague.

The Old Town Square is one of the main attractions in this area. It is a historic square that hosts a great number of interesting sites. The Old Town hall is found in this town square and it is in itself an architectural master piece. It was built way back in the fourteenth century and still possesses a great deal of its original structures. This town hall is quite spectacular from the outside and also has a tower which has the famous Astronomical clock.Attractions In Prague

Another one of the major attractions in Prague is the Church of St Nicholas. Construction of the church started back in the seventeenth century and is believed to have taken almost a whole century to build. The church offers an excellent display of architecture and art.

You will also enjoy a trip to the National Museum. A great number of the art pieces from Prague dating way back to historic days are preserved in the museum. Apart from the exhibitions inside, the architectural design of the museum is also something to behold.

Finally, there is the Prague Castle. This is arguably one of the most popular attractions in Prague. This was ranked as the largest ancient castle still standing in the entire world. It covers a very large area of land and has a number of gardens on it where you can go on a stroll and enjoy the surrounding scenery. The grounds of the castle also host churches, towers and palaces. The castle has been home to a number of royalties ranging from Emperors, queens, kings and even presidents.

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Prague Attractions